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Haiti Report - March 2011

Port-au-Prince is reduced to rubble after the January 12, 2010 earthquake that brought one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world into extreme and extended tragedy.

Even with all the money that was reportedly raised by individuals and organizations to support Haiti as a result of the disaster, most of the people in the affected areas are still living in tents. The situation today remains distressing and dire. When it rains, the people are forced to wade through the wet streets, further exposing themselves and their families to filth and disease.

As a native of Haiti, it tears my heart apart to see what my brothers and sisters go through day after day. However, I am blessed and encouraged each time I travel to my homeland because I see the airlines filled with missionaries of every age group, some as young as 10 years old, seemingly countless the people going to encourage, support, pray with and bless the Haitians. It is so wonderful to see the church of Jesus Christ active in the midst of tragedy.

I was able to go to Haiti last September with Bishop Whitaker and his team. I went back in February and in March with two more teams. I hope to return this coming November, Lord willing.  About 11 churches from the South Central  and Gulf Central Districts came together at St. Paul United Methodist for a night of Musical Extravaganza. All proceeds went to Haiti except for the tithe that stayed here to support Friendship Church. Thank you all for that wonderful time.

While in Haiti, we had a great visit with Rev. Gesner Paul, the President of the Methodist Church there.  He shared his vision with us and is looking for us to put together with him a “revival” in the near future. Near Croix-des-Bouquets, we had fellowship with the La Tramblais Methodist church. We also went to Zamar Ministries where we reached out and encouraged many natives who walked miles down the mountains outside of Cornillon to meet with us and carried our suitcases on their heads up to the church and back down again.  They did not go home after church. They stayed with us all night. They truly showed the love of Christ and hospitality. We prayed with many sick people, and the medical doctor from Pinellas County who was with us  was able to listen to and help many who came to church ill. We were blessed with medical supplies and we were able to send over 300 lbs. of rice, 100 lbs. of black beans and  cooking oil for the children at the Zamar school. Earlier, Eastlake UMC and WellSpring had sent bicycles to Haiti. The people who sent the bikes  had put yellow seats on these bicycles, so it was fun to watch the bicycles riding by with yellow seats which we could easily recognize.

We are hoping to send more food to Haiti, especially this Easter. It is our hope that each child in our school is able to have at least one bowl of rice and beans a day.  We are also planning to provide  two wells in two villages to provide clean water for the families. This coming November, Lord willing, we are bringing a dental team with us. The youth in our district will be going to Haiti in November right before Thanksgiving to interact and fellowship with the youth over there. Keep us in your prayers as we continue to listen to what God is doing every day in this world He created and called “good.” I do know who wrote the following statement, but it is so true that I am sharing it with you: “To have God on our side doesn't mean sailing on a boat with no storms, it means having a boat that no storm can sink!"

I would like to invite you to Friendship United Methodist on Druid Rd. Clearwater Sunday May 22 at 5 P.M. for a Caribbean/American Festival. We will show slides from our trips to Haiti. There will be a cultural dance and music. All proceeds, however, will go to help Friendship Church. Tickets are $12. You will enjoy the choice of a wonderful Creole meal of rice, beans and chicken or American BBQ chicken. Come and support God’s church, whether here or overseas.


Tamara Isidore, Pastor

Friendship UMC, Clearwater, Florida

March 28, 2011 

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